Homeowners know that life up here comes with its share of challenges, especially those big storms that can drive wind, rain, and hail against your homes and leave there telltale marks behind. You’ve seen them – flapping or missing shingles, twisted gutters, and chipped and dented siding. A storm producing such obvious results means a call to your insurance company. The damage is unmistakable, and things are taken care of speedily.


But unfortunately, the damage isn’t always readily evident, and those “telltale marks” aren’t the only indicators that you’ve sustained damage. Hidden damage left untreated can cause a slow deterioration of your home’s roof and exterior walls. And once the damage is done, it’s even more susceptible to future intrusion of moisture, insects, and rodents.


It takes a professional with the roofing and siding expertise to know the signs to look for. That’s why at Exterior Touch we recommend that you have your home’s exterior inspected by an experienced roofing and siding contractor following any severe weather which involves:


  • Tornadoes or tornado-force winds
  • Straight-line winds
  • Hail
  • Wind-driven and heavy, pounding rains





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